About Me


molenMy name is Naomi. I am a Dutch girl that lives in the Netherlands. In my spirituality I am an Intuitive tarot and oracle reader with a passion for Bach Flower remedies, trance channeling and energy healing. The best known healing energies that I work with are Reiki, Shambhala and BLU-e. I also work with healing energies that go through me in trance channeling ,who do not have a name. I work with angels, guides, unicorns, ascended masters and sometimes fairies.

straatMy hobbies are reading YA books, soap making, model landscaping for our H0 gauge railroad and I love being creative. I love watching YouTube videos and Sci-Fi series like Highlander, Stargate SG-1 and Star Trek. My favorite anime are Fruits Basket and Steins Gate. My favorite fairytale story is Princess Fantaghiro. I share my life with two cats named Spirit and Osiris and with my wonderful boyfriend.


At the moment I’m a documentation specialist but I have also been a facilities coordinator, complains coordinator and customer care agent. In my teens I have also worked for a big fast food restaurant that we know all over the world haha! Dieren asielI also help out at the local animal shelter where I have adopted a room where 10 cats are taken care of with medical care and everything till they find a new home. I can’t stand to see how animals are suffering because of the way humans run the world.  So no matter how small, helping my little animal friends is something I find very important.


At the moment I do readings via Skype calls or video. So what is it that I do? Ok it is bragging time!

  • Intuitive Tarot reader.
  • Traditional Tarot reader.
  • Certified Angel Card reader by Doreen Virtue
  • Oracle cards reader
  • Lenormand reader
  • Reiki 2 Healer
  • Shambhala Multidimensional healer level 3
  • BLU-e™ Advanced practitioner
  • Bach flower remedies consultant
  • Trance Channeling of 2 entities
  • Handmade soap maker

Pfff  Yes I am done, I think…


The magical world of Nandora!